Our XL & XXL Pitbull Studs

These boys right here are what have made our program these XXL Bully Pitbull studs are some of the best in the world. They are producing some HUGE PITBULLS! Each one of these fellows are producing their asses off! They are producing top notch, Massive Bully Pitbull puppies – throwing themselves or better in every litter produced at Riverside County Pitbulls. If you are interested in reserving a huge Pitbull puppy from one of these boys, visit our breedings page. Those interested in using one of these boys, see each stud profile below for stud fees stats. These boys are guaranteed to produce.

Our XL BULLY Pitbull Studs

We Ship Semen World Wide

If you live across the world and want Riverside juice in your yard then that’s no problem at all. We can ship frozen semen anywhere in the world. please contact us to find out more about this process

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